Social media has changed crisis management forever

In the digital age, news unfolds faster, and across more channels, than ever before. Developing a crisis communication plan that allows managers to act quickly, deliberately and strategically has never been more important.

The Four Stages of Highly Effective Crisis Management, from 25-year veteran media trainer and communication coach Jane Jordan-Meier, is an essential manual for managing the media in the digital age. You must be prepared to act fast. Whether you’re new to crisis communication or deeply experienced, this comprehensive book is an immediate must-read.


  • Understand how the new “hybrid” model of journalism impacts how you must communicate in a crisis.
  • Become familiar with the four distinct stages of reporting a crisis — and your critical responsibilities during each stage.
  • Learn to craft the right messages at the right time as you manage audience expectations.
  • Develop guidelines for selecting your spokespeople strategically.

A must-read for:

  • Public relations, media relations and corporate communications professionals
  • Faculty of MBA and communication academic programs
  • Business continuity, disaster and emergency management professionals

Jane Jordan-Meier’s insights into crisis communication are based on her experiences over many years at the coalface, guiding CEOs and organizations through the toughest of times. Her book is a must-read for any communication professional seeking an understanding of the power of the social media and how the media report a crisis.
robyns Managing Director Sefiani Communications Group, Australia

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